Want to pole vault or high jump higher, or long and triple jump farther?

Success in some track & field events requires athletes to create greater airtime. Airtime Athletics is dedicated to the airtime achieved specifically in the areas of the pole vault, high jump, long jump, triple jump, and speed development. If all other factors are equal, the athlete that spends more time in the air, will potentially high jump and pole vault higher or long jump and triple jump farther. Through camps, videos, DVD’s, and products for training, Coach Attig’s Airtime Athletics will be devoted to helping athletes maximize their time in the air.

Increasing airtime is related to the athlete’s ability to apply a large amount of force in a short period of time while jumping or vaulting. The efficient application of a large amount of force requires a well organized training program and the motivation to start and sustain the rigors of such training. Successful training and performance therefore relies on both skill development and motivation.

Coach Rick Attig’s Pole Vault University Camps, Airtime High Jump Camps, and Airtime Long Jump and Triple Jump Camps, will educate the campers and coaches about the 3 areas of skill development. The areas of physical skills, technical skills, and mental skills will be a vital part of the lectures and practice sessions. During the practice sessions a priority will be placed on, speed development, jump coordination and the specific technical skills of the event. The lectures will present a variety of subjects: Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump Techniques, Speed Development and Power Development, The SMART Principles of Athletic Success, Nutrition, Visualization, The Development of Confidence, Concentration and Mental Toughness, and Shaping Your Attitudes for Success.